Computer Tutoring

Our goal is to provide you with flexible hours of training and consulting with your Mac or PC. We'll provide you with lessons on how to get better information from the internet, multiple Desktop Publishing Programs like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and more. We also offer flexible, customized lessons based on what YOU want to learn without wasting your time. We come to your home office or place of business ~Weekdays after 5:00pm or weekends with an appointment. Services we provide:

Basic Apple/Mac knowledge ( Managing files and folders, Apple software )
How to backup your Mac
How to get the most out of your internet surfing
How to manage your printers/scanners ( Thru WiFi or cables )
Make the most of your digital devices including: Digital Cameras & Video Recorders.
Photo color correction ( Digital touch ups )
Learn Adobe Photoshop CS ~the world's leading digital imaging software
Spyware and Virus Removal ( PC )

New too Apple? Let us help you migrate your documents and files.
Learn what to do with your new Mac.
Create family slideshows from home.
Learn to use AppleTV better!
Learn how to work with & save your digital pictures.
Capture music with iTunes
"Burn" files into CD-Rs or DVD media
Learn how to download entertainment software & files.
Learn how to make money with ebay & more!

Imagine learning how to fix your digital pictures you once thought were impossible to fix! How about creating special effects with your pictures to the delight of family and friends?
or get your PC working again without the $125.00 expense other companies charge !!!

Give us a call to make an appointment and begin learning at your own pace, one-on-one personal instruction. Remember: It's never late to learn!